The Rules

1. Plays are eligible only for the first stream after they happen. This rule can be treated pretty flexibly, and on your very first submission you can pretend you don't know it.

2. Any kind of play from the correct day is eligible. It doesn't have to be from a tournament or even have been streamed, but high stakes and context are a huge advantage.

3. Anyone with 20+ rep can add a play as a prospect. Only the stream can promote plays to contender or nominee. Nominees should not just be the most popular plays on stream, but a balanced list that includes any play a few people consider their favorite after exhaustive discussion.

4. The play with the most votes wins, but I reserve the right to overrule this for any reason whatsoever. Mostly I'll invoke this rule to prevent cheating or brigading, but seriously: for any reason whatsoever.

5. Your vote counts for as much as your rep. Every day you show up and vote your rep goes up by one. Anyone can vote on twitter, with retweets counting as two votes and likes as one. You can vote for as many plays as you like. You can definitely vote for yourself. You may not make multiple accounts to vote with or offer anyone anything in exchange for voting for a play.

6. If a goal has an assist, that doesn't automatically qualify the assister to split the prize, but if what they do is particularly cool I will include them. You can, of course, always share your prize with them yourself if you feel they deserve it.

7. Commenting is a privilege that must be earned and maintained. Be civil and thoughtful. Don't spam.